Meet Tanya

 Owner LocationWorks. Executive Producer.


“Experience has proven that shooting on location involves meticulous research and the ability to be creative on brief scouting. Handling jurisdiction and ownership, knocking on strangers’ doors, pulling permits, taking responsibility for fragile situations, soothing the neighbours and merchants, and managing the next location at the same time, are all part of the challenge.”
- Tanya Stankovic

Tanya has worked for some of Australia’s biggest advertising agencies including Clemenger Harvie Edge as Deputy Head of TV and The Foundry as Head of TV for both Sydney & Melbourne.

Tanya began her career as a Broadcast Producer in the 1990′s where she produced everything from Game Shows with the Nine Network, to Television Commercials, Music Videos and Print Campaigns. She continued working as one of Australia’s top Production Company producers and with 15 years of television and radio production experience, Tanya has gained extensive production company credentials.

Tanya’s high-profile brand experience includes VW, Kirin Beer, Berri, Suzuki, Mazda, Snooze, Mars, Village Roadshow, Cussons, Crown, Dulux and Just Jeans to name a few.

Tanya has produced jobs both locally and internationally and relishes the challenge to make any budget work. With the expert knowledge that comes from being both an Agency & Production Company Producer, Tanya has an edge unmatched in the business.